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Mawiw Council

Job Opportunities

Working with Mawiw

MAWIW Council Inc. is a First Nation tribal organization whose primary purpose is to improve the overall wellbeing of NB’s three largest rural First Nation communities (Elsipogtog, Neqotkuk, Esgenoopetitj) based on unceded Wabanaki territory. MAWIW’s initiatives and projects range from but not limited to: Health, Community Capacity Building, Employment and Training, Economic Development, and Service Delivery. 

If our communities are having difficulties getting services, or they can't find a way to get their voices heard, that's where we step in. We assist in amplifying the voice of our communities. The roles we hold, and the people we serve, have a very positive impact and deep sense of purpose in our community.

Does this sound like you?

  • I have a positive attitude and I’m enthusiastic/passionate about delivering the best services to First Nation children and their families.
  • I have experience using computers and inputting data.
  • I enjoy working in a team environment.
  • I have good communication skills.
  • I have a desire to gain knowledge and understanding of First Nation issues.
  • I enjoy managing my time well and can sense what my priorities are.
Jordan's Principle case Coordinator Job Poster

Current Opportunities