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Health Initiative

Health Consultation and Liaison

Health Consultation

Mawiw’s focus for health consultation is to:

  • Provide for consultation with Mawiw First Nations to obtain input and guidance on health issues.
  • Develop and foster alliances with other organizations that will advance the well-being of Mawiw First Nations.
  • Develop new forms of consultation on health program delivery that will contribute to the well-being of Mawiw First Nations.
  • Provide public education on Mawiw community health issues.

Health Consultation Activities

Our health consultation activities can include:

  • Providing consultation services on the development of managerial skills of administrators in the community-controlled health-care system, particularly in planning of services in consultation with community members.
  • Engaging in regular consultations with organizations or associations on health-care issues.
  • Developing plans to expand policy development capacity.
  • Liaising and communicating with government departments and providing program and policy review specifically on FNIHB initiatives.
  • Developing project management systems and a financial accountability management system for health.
  • Identifying opportunities for building relationships or partnerships for addressing health issues with the federal and provincial government, corporate sector and non-government agencies.
  • Building and maintaining effective relations on health issues with various organizations through such means as establishing protocols and memoranda of understanding.

Health Liaison

Mawiw also engages in health liaison to:

  • Provide co-ordination and support to community programs.
  • Raise the level of health and healthy lifestyles in communities along with preventative measures.
  • Actively promote and assist in the delivery of optimal health services.
  • Support the development of management and administrative practices of the health programs and services in Mawiw communities.

Health Liaison Activities

Activities for health liaison can include:

  • Participating in the co-ordination of health programs by ensuring that health needs are identified, priorities set, and health care plans are developed for the health programs.
  • Ensuring that meetings occur at regular intervals and take into consideration issues that pertain to the provision of health services.
  • Facilitating inter-community information sharing by ensuring that regular meetings between health committee representatives and other health workers occur and/or by planning and arranging health conferences periodically.
  • Providing a coordination and liaison function between Mawiw communities, FNIHB and other government departments through regular meetings and correspondence.
  • Planning, organizing and ensuring that quality community-based health services are delivered.
  • Making recommendations to the leadership regarding the overall direction, leadership, policy and control of management of their health programs and services.
  • Establishing policy directions reflecting Mawiw communities’ philosophies and goals.
  • Reviewing policies and establishing standards of performance regarding personnel, management practices and service delivery.
  • Provide recruitment, assistance, orientation and on-going health information to Mawiw communities.
  • Supporting the evaluation of services.
  • Support Mawiw and the communities in their participation in the FNIHB planning cycle, including operational planning, and work plan reviews.
  • Providing consultation services to member communities on the development of managerial skills in the administration of the community-controlled health care system, and in the planning of services in consultation with community members.