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Health Initiative

Home and Community Care (HCC)

Mawiw’s Home and Community Care (HCC) program is managed by a registered nurse.

HCC Goals

  • Provide access to a range of home and community care services to Mawiw First Nations members;
  • Assist those members who live with chronic and/or acute illness in maintaining optimum health, well-being and independence in their homes and communities;
  • Ensure that all clients with an assessed need for home care services have access to a comprehensive continuum of services within the community, where possible;
  • Assist clients and their families to participate in the development and implementation of the client’s care plan to the fullest extent possible and to utilize community support services where available and appropriate in the care of clients, and;
  • Continue to build the capacity within Mawiw’s First Nations to facilitate the delivery of home care services that enable program monitoring, evaluation, research, and the definition of best practices.

HCC Services

  • Structured client assessment
  • Care coordination/case management
  • Home care nursing services
  • Home support services, personal care services and home management
  • In-home respite care
  • Access to medical supplies and equipment
  • Management and support (including professional supervision/consultation)
  • Linkages with other health care and social service sectors