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Employment Training

Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ISETS)

Mawiw acts as the centralized agency to deliver services under the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ISETS), with points of service at three communities: Elsipogtog, Esgenoôpetitj, and Neqotkuk. 

The ISET Program funds Indigenous service delivery organizations that design and deliver job training services to First Nations to help Indigenous people improve their skills and find employment.

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ISET Services and Supports

The Mawiw ISET program offers a range of services and support to eligible Mawiw members, including:

  • Wage Subsidy

    The objective of the Wage Subsidy Program is to provide training and work experience to unemployed and underemployed trainees who are facing barriers to securing full-time employment. It is designed to assist people who have been out of the labour market for some time and who now wish to re-enter. This includes youth who have not yet had their first job as well as others who could benefit from ‘on the job training’.

  • Skills Development

    Skill development includes training provided by community colleges and training courses, and can include:, academic upgrading certificates, occupational skills training, training in a certificate program, and apprenticeship. Skill Development does not include high school courses or university level courses. Types of interventions supported may include, but are not limited to, the following types of training: life skills, employability skills, labour market information and career decision making, and industry-recognized skills.

  • Work Experience Program

    The Work Experience Program (WEP) assists unemployed individuals or groups of Indigenous people to receive hands on job experience and training while receiving a wage; the wage they earn counts as insurable hours (i.e., Employment Insurance eligible hours).  Under WEP there must be a minimum of 4 hours of actual work experience/practice of the acquired skills for every hour of training provided by the employer.

  • Mobility/Job Exploration Assistance

    The objective of the Mobility Program is to assist individuals who have obtained full time employment in another community within New Brunswick or anywhere else in North America further away than 100km (one way) and who require assistance with relocation costs.

  • Programs for Indigenous Youth (Summer Student Program)

    The purpose of the Summer Student Program is to provide work experience to students who are enrolled in a post-secondary program full time throughout the academic year and who are enrolled full time in the upcoming academic semester.  High school students are also eligible if they are going back to school the following year or if they are going to a post-secondary institution the semester after graduating from high school.

  • Programs for Indigenous Youth (Wage Subsidy through the Youth Career Exploration Program)

    The Youth Career Exploration Program may be used to assist youth who are having difficulty with making career choices, to explore on the job training opportunities to assist career decision making.   Eligible projects will focus on youth who have been out of full-time school for at least 6 months.

  • Programs for Indigenous People with Disabilities

    Program support provided to individuals with one or multiple disabilities include, but are not limited to: financial support to employers to encourage them to hire persons with disabilities, financial incentives to persons with disabilities to encourage them to accept employment, supporting persons with disabilities to start a business, supporting projects that provide persons with disabilities with work experience, financial assistance for skills for employment training, etc.

  • Childcare Support

     Childcare assistance may be available for trainee while attending a full-time program and who require childcare assistance during the time they are in class or on the job.

  • Tuition, Registration Costs, and Required Supplies

     Tuition and mandatory registration fees may be covered for a trainee attending an institution, who is required to pay tuition and/or mandatory registration fees to enroll in the program.

  • Self-Employment Support

     The objective of the self-employment assistance program is to assist unemployed individuals to become self-employed by starting a viable business. The program will provide income support to a member while they are starting their business so that they do not need to depend on the business profits for an income during the preliminary start-up phase.